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Award-winning restaurant in Granada

Zaktualizowano: 28 lut 2021

The owner of the restaurant Oleum • Official Guide in Alhambra and Granada • Gosia Granada Guide

The owner of the restaurant Oleum.

Author The Restaurant Oleum

The restaurant Oleum in Granada has just been awarded by the National Association of Hospitality in Spain. These awards are given annually to companies, institutions or even individuals who have shown a particular commitment in aspects such as innovation, social responsibility, support for culture, sustainable development or commitment to people with disabilities. The award is also given to those who contribute to promoting hospitality and providing good role models. Among the winners, one should also mention the famous Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, who designed chefs uniforms and even kitchen utensils! You can see these colorful wonders right here.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with the famous Spanish chef Alberto Chicote pose with one of the  designer´s works • Official Guide in Alhambra and Granada • Gosia Granada Guide

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada with the famous Spanish chef Alberto Chicote pose with one of the

designer´s works.

The Oleum restaurant in Granada received this award for promoting Spanish culture and gastronomy. Especially for contributing to the popularization of the so-called tapas (a snack served with every drink in Granada's bars and restaurants) as a high-quality product that forms an integral part of the culinary offer in the city mainly due to its historical and traditional values.

The owner of the Oleum restaurant, Gregorio Garcia, places particular emphasis on the use of regional products in his kitchen in order to be able to continue the traditions and essence of Spanish cuisine. He also points out that the tapas culture existed in Granada for ages and is already known all over the world. Therefore it is necessary to maintain its high quality which stands out for its simplicity and perfect preparation and service. All that without losing the affordability that is one of the hallmarks of good tapas in Granada.

The master chef's philosophy is perfectly defined by his own words

My thoughts, my ideas and my work on our Mediterranean culture constantly refer to olive oil, which is the source of life and one of the most important "medicines" for our health because of its inherent properties.

The culinary tradition of Gregorio García Pérez is passed down from generation to generation. It is a mix of Andalusian flavors with a pinch of wisdom, youth, creativity and experience. The Oleum offer includes delicacies such as southern lamb or grilled beef with a range of local vegetables. There are also accents of the cuisine of northern regions of Spain, such as Asturias. As the owner himself describes, thanks to the northern accents promoted in his premises, it is also possible to enjoy these flavors in the south. Thus, the restaurant has specialized in serving the famous Asturias bean stew (Fabada Asturiana in Spanish).

One of the specials Fabada Asturiana • Official Guide in Alhambra and Granada • Gosia Granada Guide

One of the specials Fabada Asturiana

Author the Oleum Restaurant

Would you like to try some special dishes in the Oleum? You can reserve your visit right here. In that way you will be able to enjoy an extraordinary experiences much different from the ones that are suggested in travel books.

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