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For a long time, you have dreamt of visiting the Alhambra, the gem of Muslim architecture. You've heard much about its fairytale gardens and the unique richness of Moorish architecture and art.

Suddenly, however, you realize that you have no idea where to start. The preparations for the trip are becoming increasingly complicated. There's stress about navigating the tedious process of purchasing tickets for the Alhambra. What if they are no longer available?

If you prefer to calmly enjoy the beauty of the Alhambra, let me guide you. Don't waste time on unnecessary procedures. I will take care of preparing your visit so that you and your family or friends can derive the utmost joy from it.

With me, you'll breeze through numerous and stressful checks easily and without waiting in line. Together, we will uncover the fascinating adventures of the last sultans of this part of Europe, as well as the cultural heritage they left in Spain.

Discover the unique and authentic Alhambra, where amidst its walls and colorful sensory gardens, you can still feel the presence of those who created it. Your visit to Granada will then become exceptional and memorable! Isn't that exactly what you're looking for?

You are warmly invited!


My wife and I had an excellent guided tour provided by Gosia.....Gosia spoke excellent English and had a tremendous amount of historical knowledge of Alhambra. Having a private tour was the best way for us to truly experience this amazing place and Gosia was the perfect guide for the American traveler. She was also able to provide us good tips on lunch and dinner. Don't hesitate to book a tour with Get your Guide and ask for Gosia!


Zwiedzanie Alhambry z polskim przewodikiem po Granadzie
Zwiedzanie Alhambry po polsku z przewodnikiem
The Alhambra • Official Guide in Alhambra and Granada • Gosia Granada Guide


I work with groups and private clients. I provide the following services:

  • Booking tickets for Alhambra and other monuments in Granada

  • Tailor made tours adapted to the needs of the clients

  • Help with booking hotels, restaurants or events (e.x. flamenco shows) in Granada.

  • Guided tours

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