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Gosia Janusz       

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I am a LICENSED TOUR GUIDE OF ANDALUSIA with a long experience. This is my full time job and passion at the same time. I enjoy a lot working as a professional tour guide, mainly because it allows me to combine different aspects of my experience and professional training. I provide any type of services related to local tourism.

I focus mostly on the walking city tours having a possibility to use a private vehicle and a hired driver to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for the client.


I always try to inform the clients about the great variety of places to see in Granada adapted to the client's expectations, so you can expose your special interests about what to visit in Granada.

Currently I live in Granada, but I was born and bred in Poland. I have been living in Granada for over twelve years that helped me to develop my own perception about this city and the customs of the local people. I convey to my clients the global overview about the local culture from the point of view of the foreigner and local at the same time as I personally lived here both of that experiences.

I am a native POLISH speaker but I also have an excellent knowledge of SPANISH, ENGLISH and GERMAN. At the moment I am working on my French and Russian. There is no need to mention that I am enthusiastic about speaking foreign languages, which I personally believe is especially valuable in tourism. My language skills are proved by long profesional experience and academic courses likewise Master's Degree in Translation of the University of Cordoba.

My knowledge is backed up by my academical studies which I attended both in Poland and Spain. I feel passion about history, history of art which I could deepened on my Master's degree of the University of Granada.

I am graduated in Landscape Architecture at the Environmental University of Wroclaw (Poland) which allows me to provide my clients an extra knowledge about gardening art and local plants species as I attended part of my studies here in Granada.


No wonder, I attended all this academic courses I always try to make my job entertaining and adapt it to the needs of the clients. I can focus my tour from any point of view, history, botany, local cuisine or combine a bit of everything adding a touch of HUMOR and tell you some catching stories and tales to make the whole experience more enjoyable for you!

Please, don't hesitate to contact me for any further information.


Official Guide in Alhambra and Granada • Gosia Granada Guide
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