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The Alhambra and Generalife

I encourage you to embark on an extraordinary exploration of the Arabic masterpiece, the Alhambra, where history, architecture, and breathtaking atmosphere intertwine. As your guide, I want to share the secrets of this remarkable place in English, leading you through the labyrinth of corridors, courtyards, and gardens.

Let every step be a journey into the depths of history, and let each detail of the building tell its own story. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Alhambra with me, where every moment is an encounter with heritage that has endured for centuries. Together, we will discover the magic of this exceptional place!

The towering Alhambra, overlooking the city, dazzled people of its era. Renowned worldwide for its excellence, it drew the attention and curiosity of diplomats from various countries. It served as the residence of the last sultans of this part of Europe but was also a place of intrigue and disputes. As an official guide, I am eager to acquaint you with the secrets of the Alhambra in English.

Allow yourself to embark on a journey to the Middle Ages, where the exoticism of the Middle East made its way to Europe. You will stroll amidst colorful flowers in enchanting gardens and intricately adorned palace interiors, reminiscent of the times when sultans walked these paths. Together, we will explore fascinating eras when under the rule of the last Muslim rulers in Western Europe, art, mathematics, and medicine flourished. Observing the city from above, you will feel as if you were a ruler surveying the territories under your dominion.

Collectively, we will unravel the captivating secrets of the Alhambra, deciphering encoded information in the form of hidden symbols that the average tourist often overlooks.

Exploring the Alhambra in English with a guide also entails the benefits of navigating numerous rules and restrictions that may seem perplexing to regular tourists. In my company, you will undergo many checks, bypassing queues. You will gain a better understanding of the reasons behind seemingly absurd limitations. If you are traveling with a small child or a person with disabilities, I will tailor the route to their needs.

Experience the taste of the Orient and discover the richness concealed within the Alhambra, a place that captivated its beauty even for Christian conquerors. Allow me to lead you on this extraordinary journey!

A brief overview of the Alhambra

the Nasrid Palaces

the Generalife gardens

the Alcazaba 

the Charles the Vth Palace

It is worth combining with a visit to:

the Royal Chapel

the Cathedral

the City Center



The guided tour of the Alhambra in English lasts approximately 3 hours.

Assistance in booking and purchasing tickets for groups and individual tourists

Organizing the itinerary of the visit

Information about the rules of touring the facility

Guided tour accompanied by an official guide

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