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🧗🏻‍♀️ Active Tourism in Granada and Surroundings

Canyoning in Granada; ABC

Some travelers seek more than just standard sightseeing, admiring impressive landmarks, or visiting museums. Active tourism is becoming an increasingly appealing choice. In this context, Granada is no exception to this trend. This region not only provides beautiful landscapes and historical sites but also offers diverse activities for those who wish to actively spend their time while traveling.

Granada and its surroundings offer incredibly diverse possibilities within the province, enjoying the benefits of having access to the sea, beaches, and mountains simultaneously. This diversity expands the range of available options, many of which are relatively close to each other. Below are a few suggestions for active time spent during a visit to Granada and its surroundings.

Paragliding in Güéjar Sierra

If you desire thrilling experiences at high altitudes, Sierra Nevada is the perfect place. Paragliding is gaining popularity not only in summer but throughout the year from launch points in Güéjar Sierra or Cenes de la Vega (two neighboring towns near the National Park). Several companies can be contacted to organize this extraordinary experience.

To participate, you need to weigh more than 40 kilograms and less than 120, and not have heart issues... and, of course, be brave! If it's your first time, you can opt for the services of an experienced pilot during a flight from an altitude of almost 11,500 meters. The views are, of course, among the most spectacular you can admire in this unique landscape.

Mountain climbing in Sierra Nevada

Mountains always command respect, and in Granada, the experience is even more impressive. Sierra Nevada, with Mulhacén as its highest peak, poses a real challenge for everyone.

Although the highest peaks may seem too difficult to conquer in winter, the situation becomes much easier in summer. There are many trails, but the most popular one takes three to four hours. Starting at the Poqueira refuge, you can spend the night at an altitude of 2500 meters. This extraordinary experience allows you to look at Sierra Nevada from the highest point, observing the incredible beauty of the ever-changing landscape.

Rafting on the Genil River

Rafting is one of the most popular activities for those who want to explore the Genil River in Andalusia in a slightly different and exciting way. During the passage through Granada, in the Canal de Aguas Bravad, there is an excellent section, especially suitable for children.

The stretch is approximately 620 meters long and has a moderate difficulty level.

For those who prefer a gentler descent but with equally scenic views in a deeper part of the province, it's best to head to the Guadalfeo River section in the Alpujarra region. This extraordinary experience allows you to discover the beauty of the landscapes offered by this part of Andalusia.

It's best to enjoy these experiences during the winter and spring months. This activity is suitable for various age groups and different fitness levels. The rafting route extends for about five kilometers, offering diverse challenges for participants. The total duration of this activity is approximately two and a half hours, with the rafting itself taking 40 minutes, providing a full experience of this exciting adventure.

Canyoning on Río Verde

Río Verde, located in Sierra de la Almijara in Otivar, provides an excellent space for practicing canyoning. For the most daring, there's a fascinating trail naturally created by the river, leading through an area surrounded by pure, crystal-clear waters. It's not only a unique experience for extreme activity enthusiasts but also an opportunity to immerse oneself in the distinctive atmosphere surrounding this beautiful corner of Sierra de la Almijara.

Canyoning in Río Verde is a fascinating form of activity where participants traverse the gorges of this picturesque river. During this exciting experience, you may encounter various obstacles such as waterfalls, natural pools, and rock formations. This adventure not only provides thrills but also allows you to discover the extraordinary landscape that Río Verde offers. For nature enthusiasts and outdoor activity lovers, canyoning is an excellent option to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Participating in this activity doesn't require prior experience. There are various forms available for children, beginners, and professionals. However, it's recommended to undertake this trail under the guidance of an experienced guide to ensure safety and maximize the enjoyment of this thrilling adventure.

Diving in Calahonda

The clear waters of Calahonda conceal countless forms of fauna and flora in intense shades of turquoise. It's an area where you can discover the richness of marine life, always under the expert guidance of divers. In this regard, Calahonda lives up to expectations, and its beach is well-equipped.

One could confidently say that it's an area full of contrasts, where urbanized areas with top-quality tourist services coexist with wild, virgin areas abundantly green with vegetation.

As for diving, various companies cater to individuals with different levels of expertise. Highly recommended is Buceo Calahonda, boasting over a decade of experience and providing some of the best services in the area. This unique activity allows you to explore the fascinating underwater world while emphasizing the importance of relying on professional services.

Flights over the Geopark of Granada

One of the most sought-after experiences for those visiting the province of Granada is getting to know the undiscovered side of northern Granada. Altiplano is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Spain, recognized by UNESCO on its world list, offering over 4,700 kilometers of picturesque views that can be admired from above. This unforgettable experience allows you to discover the richness of the region, which is not only beautiful but also appreciated by the global community for its unique natural value.

Companies like Glovento Sur have been offering a specific route for many years, attracting those who opt for this extraordinary experience. The main route starts in Guadix, one of the regions of Granada, where the Geopark is located.

This city is about 60 kilometers north of the provincial capital, protected by the northern wall of the Sierra Nevada. During the balloon flight, places like the Alquife mines present themselves as unique and unforgettable.

Thousands of square kilometers of so-called "badlands," abandoned and uninhabited areas such as the Gorafe and Los Coloraos deserts, create a contrast during the journey with the white slopes of Sierra Nevada, Cazorla, or Baza, giving it a unique character.

Via Ferrata in Zafarraya "John Hogbin"

Via Ferratas are becoming increasingly popular among those seeking an active form of tourism when planning their travels. Right in the heart of Granada, in 2022, the Via Ferrata in Zafarraya, known as "John Hogbin," was opened.

What distinguishes this route is the excellent connection of Zafarraya, a small town in western Granada, with the main city. It's just an hour's drive on the highway to Alhama de Granada.

For those who haven't had the opportunity yet, Via Ferratas are special vertical routes that allow people of different fitness levels or those who have never tried climbing to approach this activity through metal ladders.

The Via Ferrata in Zafarraya has been designed to eliminate the risk of dangerous situations. Everything is carefully thought out, and during the climb, you can admire unique views, such as the Alquife mines.

Always under the guidance of an experienced guide, the route offers two impressive zip lines, hanging Tibetan-style bridges, and even a challenge in the form of a swing that tests the courage of the boldest. It's not just a physical activity but also an opportunity to discover the beauty of the region, combining diverse landscapes and challenges for adventure enthusiasts.

Skiing in Sierra Nevada

While it's evident, skiing remains the main attraction for active tourism in Granada. The Sierra Nevada ski resort is the largest in Andalusia and one of the main ones in Spain, ensuring all the elements are in place to provide a comprehensive experience for both beginners and experienced skiers.

The season will end prematurely on April 24 to carry out new works and improvements at the resort. Nevertheless, the summer season always offers alternatives to make the wait enjoyable, such as mountain climbing, hiking, or cycling routes. It's an excellent opportunity to explore the charms of the region without the need for snow and ice.

Cycling routes to Alpujarras

Riding on two wheels is one of the most popular alternative options for summer plans in Sierra Nevada, mainly due to the opportunity to explore many of the province's most beautiful landscapes during a pleasant route tailored to all age groups.

The route starts from the Pradollano ski resort, leading to Alpujarras, covering over 60 kilometers and ending in Carihuela del Veleta, where one of the best possible views of the National Park unfolds.

For less experienced cyclists, the Nevada Center in Mairena offers various routes with varying levels of difficulty and distances ranging from 7 to 70 kilometers. This unique combination of physical activity, beautiful landscapes, and environmental care creates an unforgettable experience for cycling enthusiasts.

Speleology in Prado Negro

Speleology is one of the most extraordinary activities on this list. It's a way to delve into the heart of nature and observe the life that thrives within it.

There are several caves, with the most recognizable being the Cueva del Agua in Prado Negro. All of them are located in the Sierra de Huétor, and a visit can last from two to four hours. Most of them do not require an advanced level of skills, but it's always worthwhile to explore them with an experienced guide who ensures safety and provides interesting information about the surrounding environment. It's a unique way to connect with nature and discover the fascinating underground world.

Active tourism in Granada offers a unique experience, combining cultural richness with diverse landscapes. It's a journey that integrates nature, culture, and emotions, creating unforgettable memories for every traveler. Granada opens the doors to adventures, culture, and extraordinary experiences.


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