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⛷️The latest news from Sierra Nevada’s slopes

Sierra Nevada; Diario de Sevilla

The ski resort in Sierra Nevada has expanded its offerings by opening the Laguna de las Yeguas area. This location is particularly appreciated by experienced skiers, providing excellent conditions for showcasing skills on the slopes. With this expansion, Sierra Nevada can now boast an impressive 55 kilometers of ski trails, making it the largest available area for the 2023-2024 season.

However, despite the favorable news, the ski resort had to face challenges due to high temperatures in recent days. Weather conditions were not always conducive to the perfect preparation and maintenance of ski trails. Nevertheless, the current moment is considered the most favorable in this season, bringing joy to both skiers and the ski resort staff.

Cetursa, the company responsible for managing the ski resort, announced that the opening of the Laguna area was possible 'thanks to intensive work to adapt the terrain.' This situation arose because Storm Karlotta significantly damaged the previously prepared trails in this area. The dedication of the staff ultimately allowed the successful operation of this skiing area, despite the difficulties caused by weather conditions.

With the opening of the Laguna area in the latest snow conditions report, two additional sectors on the La Trucha trail, Cuesta de las Artesillas, and the entire Olympic trail were made available, along with Puerta Laguna, providing access to this area from the Veleta trails. The snow quality in the Laguna area looks very good, with a layer thickness ranging between 20 and 35 centimeters. The main means of transportation in the area will be the Laguna lift.

Cetursa additionally confirmed that on Wednesday, the machines at the station managed to restore access to the Maribel trail, which was previously closed due to water, mud, and snow. Similar phenomena also affected the El Río trail. Users are advised to be cautious on the final stretch of the latter due to narrowing caused by damage from the flood that occurred after a malfunction of the drainage pipe.

Currently, it is the most convenient moment in the ski resort season. After a challenging start to the season due to lack of snow and prolonged drought, which necessitated artificial snow production, there was no traditional white cover on the remaining part of the mountain massif. However, two storms managed to cover the upper part of the station with fresh powder. Following Storm Karlotta, heavy snowfall was expected, which indeed occurred, even delaying the opening of slopes for a day due to ice, requiring the replacement of pulleys on several lifts.

The day after that storm, a sudden rise in temperatures caused rapid snowmelt, blocking the drainage pipe beneath the river trail. This event triggered a mudslide in the lower part of the station, significantly impeding skiing and leaving large amounts of mud on the snow. The situation has been largely brought under control, although efforts to restore conditions to pre-incident state are still ongoing.

However, the upcoming days are expected to be challenging. Until Friday, no major changes in weather conditions are forecasted. According to Aemet forecasts, a "significant" drop in temperatures is expected, and there is even a chance of rain or snow at relatively low elevations, starting from 1200 meters above sea level. In the meantime, before the favorable winter weather arrives, the resort will have to face positive temperatures over these next two days.

This context illustrates that Sierra Nevada has focused on delivering an exceptional skiing experience despite the adversities associated with weather conditions. The resort's determination to overcome challenges, especially in the absence of snow at the beginning of the season, underscores its commitment to creating optimal conditions for winter sports enthusiasts.

The opening of the Laguna area and the restoration of trail accessibility, such as Maribel, while the resort must face forecasted difficulties related to temperature drops and the possibility of precipitation, speak to the flexibility and professionalism of the managing company, Cetursa.

It also confirms that Sierra Nevada not only responds effectively to variable weather conditions but actively works to maintain high-quality standards, making it an attractive destination for skiers.

The resort's determination, attention to infrastructure, and continuous adaptation to weather conditions indicate a commitment to providing both a safe and satisfying atmosphere for winter sports enthusiasts. Despite numerous challenges, everything has been prepared to meet the expectations of skiers, offering them unique experiences during the current season.


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