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The latest news from Sierra Nevada’s slopes - celebrations of World Snow Day

Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada, Granada Hoy

The Sierra Nevada ski resort is marking World Snow Day this weekend, a celebration observed at most resorts worldwide. This international event aims to promote and celebrate all forms of enjoyment associated with snow. The initiative encourages people to participate in various winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or strolls in snowy areas. World Snow Day also serves as an opportunity to highlight the importance of snow for the natural environment and remind people of the need to protect it. Various ski resorts, sports organizations, and winter sports communities often organize events and activities specifically for World Snow Day.

World Snow Day, organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS), aims to promote joy and activities related to snow worldwide. This initiative originated as part of the "Bring Children to the Snow" campaign, initiated by FIS in 2007.

The primary goal of this day is to encourage children and youth to participate in various winter sports and enjoy the wonders of snow. By organizing different events and activities, such as free skiing lessons, snow play, or contests, World Snow Day aims to enhance the accessibility and appeal of winter sports for the younger generation. This annual event fosters the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, outdoor activities, and a love for winter sports.

In connection with this, the Sierra Nevada ski resort has prepared a special offer for this weekend, especially aimed at those who want to start their skiing and snowboarding adventure. As part of this offer, there is a special family ski pass available, allowing families to enjoy the charm of the slopes together. Additionally, for non-skiers, the resort offers an attractive package, including a cable car ride ticket and participation in various activities in the Borreguiles area.

Furthermore, for the first time, an exciting snow games package is available in the picturesque Borreguiles region (2,700 meters above sea level). This package is designed for children and youth aged 6 to 15. Participants will have the opportunity to experience hours of fun and activity, including a snowshoe trail, archery with suction cup arrows, navigating a slalom on special bike-skis, and tubing, undoubtedly providing them with much joy and unforgettable experiences.

During the weekend, the ski resort will host two official ski competitions aimed at the youngest participants. On Saturday, the X Ski Club Granada Trophy in alpine skiing (U14 U16) is scheduled, and on Sunday, the XVIII Club Monachil Trophy (U14 - U16). Both of these prestigious competitions will take place on the scenic Rebeco trail located in the Borreguiles area. It's a unique opportunity for talented young skiers to showcase their skills and passion for snow sports. The skiing community looks forward to an exciting spectacle and support for the young talents.

Forecasts indicate a lack of snowfall, meaning the ski resort will have impressive infrastructure. Guests can expect 43 kilometers of ski slopes with varying difficulty levels, covering the areas of Borreguiles, Río, Veleta, and Loma de Dilar. The descents will not only offer diversity but also an impressive elevation difference of 1,100 meters. The snow layer on the trails will range from 20 to 60 centimeters, ensuring excellent conditions for winter entertainment.

Additionally, 16 modern ski transport facilities will be in operation, enabling a smooth and comfortable journey on the slopes. It's a promising time for winter sports enthusiasts, with all the elements conducive to a successful time spent on the snow.

Regarding information about the slopes, Cetursa, the public company managing the resort, reports that 45 ski trails are open, totaling 33.6 kilometers, with twelve ski lifts in operation. The number of trails is likely to increase. At dawn, temperatures are -5 degrees on Veleta, -2 degrees in Borreguiles, and 2 degrees in Pradollano. The snow quality is hard, with a snow layer thickness ranging from 20 to 60 centimeters. Athletes are advised to avoid skiing off-piste, and caution is urged due to the presence of ice.

The ski season started in early December and is heavily dependent on weather conditions. Significant snowfall was received only towards the end of the Christmas holidays, allowing the opening of a considerable number of ski trails.

The recent days at the resort have been characterized by high temperatures and strong winds, reaching speeds of up to 184 kilometers per hour last Friday. Forecasts suggest that if snow is to occur, it is likely to happen this Saturday. However, no rainfall is expected on either Sunday or Monday.


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