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The latest news from the Sierra Nevada ski slopes

Sierra Nevada El Mundo

Sierra Nevada warmly invites winter sports enthusiasts to join in a festive celebration on the slopes, creating a unique experience that combines excellent skiing conditions with a rich entertainment program. Currently, there are open 15 kilometers of diverse trails with an impressive elevation difference of 925 meters.

According to the daily report from Cetursa, the public company managing this picturesque station in Granada, the Borreguiles and El Río trails are accessible. The snow cover thickness ranges from 20 to 40 centimeters, providing ideal conditions for skiing enthusiasts.

As early as the first morning hour, winter sports enthusiasts eager to take advantage of this festive opportunity can be spotted on the slopes. Sierra Nevada warmly welcomes everyone who dreams of spending an unforgettable day surrounded by snowy peaks and picturesque landscapes.

The snow quality on the ski trails is described as hard powder, ensuring excellent conditions on the 15-kilometer routes. There are 11 impressive lifts available, along with thrilling parallel slalom competitions.

Temperatures in the picturesque region range from positive degrees in Veleta to 5 degrees in Borreguiles. This thermal diversity adds charm to the winter recreation experience, providing suitable conditions for various snow activities. Celebrate Christmas on the slope with excellent snow and diverse recreational opportunities.

Cetursa has prepared various attractions for the holiday season. After Santa Claus's visit, on December 27th and 30th, as well as on January 3rd, exciting sessions with different DJs are planned, adding a festive atmosphere.

The highlight of the holiday program at the station will be the traditional descent of the Three Wise Men, who will ski down the El Río trail on January 5th at 7:00 PM. They will be accompanied by numerous participants representing schools, clubs, and ski and snowboard teams from Sierra Nevada. It will undoubtedly be a unique event that will bring together a wide range of winter sports enthusiasts, creating an unforgettable holiday atmosphere on the ski slope.

In the context of the sports program for the upcoming days, Sierra Nevada includes two exciting high-mountain skiing events: the "Circuito de habilidades de Esquí de Montaña" on December 29th and the III San Silvestre Skimo on December 31st. The first event, "Circuito de habilidades de Esquí de Montaña," is planned for December 29th and involves competition based on skiing skills in mountain conditions. The second event, III San Silvestre Skimo, will take place on December 31st, adding an exciting sports accent to the end of the year. Both events will attract high-mountain skiing enthusiasts, creating an exciting context for fans of this sport during the holiday season in Sierra Nevada.

The shared joy on the slope is not only about excellent skiing but also about creating a unique holiday atmosphere, where sports, music, and tradition intertwine in exceptional harmony. Sierra Nevada becomes not only a destination for skiing enthusiasts but also the central point of holiday celebration in the picturesque surroundings of mountain peaks.


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