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Sierra Nevada in Granada - latest news from the slopes.

Sierra Nevada 2024
Sierra Nevada 2024. Granada Hoy

The Sierra Nevada ski resort in Monachil has opened La Visera – the first black-rated trail, indicating it is a very difficult route. It is already available in this skiing season. This information was conveyed by the Andalusian ski resort through its social media, confirming the current data and providing updates on the current slope conditions.

There are also plans to open the Veleta and Loma de Dílar areas this weekend, allowing for the first time in the winter season the use of a ski area spanning over 40 kilometers. Additionally, the opening of three new lifts is scheduled, providing access to these areas. All of this will introduce additional opportunities for skiing enthusiasts.

Recent snowfall in Sierra Nevada has created ideal conditions for artificial snow production, serving as a perfect complement to natural snowfall. These conditions have allowed the opening of six new ski trails, significantly expanding the ski area to 30 kilometers. The new trails include Torrecillas, La Playa, Laja, Topos, Maribel, and Chotocabras.

Additionally, there are plans to extend the skiing offer to the main slopes of the Veleta area, such as Panorámica, Cordón, Tubo del Veleta, Descenso Damas, Tobogán, Lastrón, and the upper part of Águila. At the same time, new trails will be added in Borreguiles: Morillas, Granados, and Diagonal Cauchiles.

The opening of the Veleta area, using the Zayas lift, will allow Sierra Nevada to make almost its entire ski slope, covering 1100 meters, accessible. This stretch separates the areas around the Veleta peak from the Pradollano settlement.

It's worth noting that another expansion of the skiing offer is planned for Saturday by opening the Loma de Dílar area, which includes the Loma Dílar trail and Bulevar del Jara. Access to this area will be possible via the Jara and Monachil lifts.

For enthusiasts of other winter sports, the Mirlo Blanco complex offers various attractions, an ice rink, and slides in Borreguiles. Additionally, the area boasts a rich culinary offer, with several restaurants available near the ski slopes.

According to the forecast from AEMET (Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, which translates to the State Meteorological Agency in English), the upcoming weekend is expected to have clear skies or light high clouds. Temperatures will moderately rise with slight frost, and the wind will be weak from the west, moderate at mountain peaks.

The snow report for the weekend is as follows:

Open trails: 48

Skiable kilometers: 40 km

Open lifts: 15

Snow depth: 20-60 cm

Snow quality: Powder

As one of the highest ski resorts in Europe, Sierra Nevada offers impressive views of surrounding mountains and picturesque landscapes, making it an attractive destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Sierra Nevada attracts winter sports enthusiasts not only from Spain but also from other parts of Europe, providing excellent skiing conditions and a family-friendly atmosphere for winter sports enthusiasts.


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