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The January Sun over Granada: Weather Charms of Andalusia

The spring temperatures in Granada. Ideal

January continues to surprise with exceptional weather whims. This week, an influx of unusually warm air is prevailing, associated with an exceptionally large anticyclone. This atypical situation results in temperatures in Andalusia that resemble more of spring than the traditional January, reaching maximum values even up to 30 degrees Celsius.

In this unusual January landscape of Andalusia lies a unique charm that attracts travelers seeking not only historical treasures but also extraordinary climatic experiences. It is a time when nature and atmosphere coalesce into harmony, leaving unforgettable impressions from the journey through this surprising and warm January in southern Spain.

The current episode of high temperatures will reach values significantly surpassing the average for this time of year. Furthermore, the warmth will persist for an extended period, at least until the upcoming Sunday. "By Wednesday and Thursday, the atmosphere will gradually mellow, and the days will take on a more spring-like character. Winter nights will become milder, transitioning from minimum temperatures of 1 or 2 degrees to 12," explains José Miguel Viñas, a meteorologist from Meteored. "No major changes are expected until Sunday. These anticyclonic situations typically have a prolonged nature, so the weather may remain similar until the beginning of February," the meteorologist adds. Therefore, stable weather is expected to persist, and any potential changes may arise in the second half of February.

When it comes to maximum temperatures, there is a possibility that some areas of Andalusia will even reach 30 degrees in the next few days. "It cannot be ruled out that certain records with maximum temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees will be broken." In fact, the next two days will be particularly hot before the warmth begins to gradually recede.

This exceptional atmospheric warming creates favorable conditions for enjoying warm and sunny weather, standing out from typical winter scenarios. It's the perfect time to explore cities like Granada or Seville, as well as admire the beauty of landscapes that take on a new radiance under the influence of this unexpected weather. During this period, Andalusia not only offers historical richness but also an extraordinary climatic experience, turning the journey through this surprisingly warm January into an unforgettable adventure.

Granada, typically known for its rich history, the architecture of the Alhambra, and beautiful gardens, also presents an intriguing side in winter. While it may be surprising to some, the winter months in Granada are characterized by exceptionally warm temperatures, making it an ideal destination even during the winter season.

January in Granada often offers a mild climate, enhancing the pleasure of exploration. Average daily temperatures hover around 9.6 degrees Celsius. During this time, one can enjoy strolls along historical streets without minding the winter chill.

Winter reveals its magical face in Granada, offering travelers the opportunity to explore without crowds while enjoying pleasant temperatures, making this experience even more unforgettable.

This year, Granada is experiencing its warmest January in history. This information comes from the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), which monitors and analyzes atmospheric changes. This extraordinary weather condition is already part of the climatic history of this region.

Based on data from the measurement point at the military airport in Armilla, which has the longest historical series dating back to 1940, the year 2024 emerges as the warmest January in the last 84 years. The average peak temperature recorded on Thursday was 15.9 degrees Celsius, surpassing the previous record from 2016 by six-tenths of a degree and exceeding the 2023 data by over two degrees.

This record was observed after registering a maximum temperature of 25.1 degrees Celsius at four in the afternoon – the highest recorded in January at this station. It's worth noting that temperature peaks were even higher in other places, such as the Cartuja station, where 27.6 degrees Celsius were reached. This phenomenon constitutes a significant climatic record in the region.

It is worth noting that a similar trend of record values is also present concerning the average temperatures recorded throughout the day. In January 2024, the highest value in this series was recorded: 9.6 degrees Celsius, which is a tenth of a degree more than the record value from 2016.

These characteristic temperatures for April and May extend to the coldest regions of Andalusia. Meteorological stations located in various points of the Sierra Nevada even recorded temperatures of up to 20ºC. These exceptionally mild thermal conditions in this part of Andalusia confirm that temperatures typical of late spring have reached these areas, surprising even the residents. Nevertheless, the ski resort in Sierra Nevada is open and currently offers 50 km of trails. Therefore, Granada becomes one of the few places where you can experience warmth while still enjoying the winter charm.


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