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The tallest Christmas tree in Europe is located in Granada

Grupo Ximenez

The artificial Christmas tree stunningly rises to a height of 56 meters, adorned with nearly a million lights, making it the tallest in Europe and a unique attraction in Spain. Once again, it has earned this unusual distinction, emphasizing its impressive nature and growing popularity as a symbol of holiday magic in the country. This impressive holiday structure perfectly captures the atmosphere of joyful celebration, evoking festive emotions and drawing the attention of both locals and tourists.

The historic complex of the Alhambra and Generalife, the viewpoint of San Nicolás, the picturesque Sierra Nevada, the charming district of Albaicín, the historic Elvira gate, and the interactive Science Park - the main tourist attractions of the city of Granada have gained a new, prominent competitor during the holiday season. We are talking about an impressive artificial Christmas tree that rises to an impressive height of 56 meters. It is adorned with nearly a million low-energy LED lights and is located in the Nevada Shopping center, on the outskirts of the city.

This spectacular light installation not only adds brilliance to the festive atmosphere but also becomes a new symbol of joyful celebration in this part of the city. The effect captures the attention of both locals and tourists, creating a unique contrast between modernity and the historical beauty of Granada.

The artificial tree is visible from virtually every point in the city; this impressive creation is considered the tallest Christmas tree in Europe and the second-largest in the world (only surpassed by the tree in Sri Lanka, measuring 72.1 meters). For safety reasons, a light signal has been placed at its top, reminiscent of those indicating the presence of tall buildings or skyscrapers. It is not just a holiday attraction but also a unique landmark that adorns and casts a shadow on the horizon, making it challenging to pass by this festive majesty without noticing it.

The gigantic Christmas tree, adorned in silver and gold, modifies its appearance every few seconds, displaying changing decorations and creating a spectacular effect.

The company behind this impressive creation is Grupo Ximénez, a business with over 70 years of tradition originating from the town of Puente Genil in the province of Cordoba. This company executes lighting projects worldwide, engaging in the decoration of cities for festive occasions, including cities like New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Moscow, confirming their international prestige in the field of light art and holiday decorations.

The production of holiday decorations is so massive that Francisco Ximénez, responsible for exports in the company, emphasized in an interview that if they were to line up the 50 million light points produced this year, they could easily connect Puente Genil (a bridge in Granada) to Moscow. His words suggest that the scale of production is truly impressive, capable of creating a luminous trail over a great distance.

"We aim to revolutionize the concept of lighting," added Francisco. His vision suggests that it's not just about quantity but also about creativity and innovation in the field of holiday lighting, aiming to transform the way we perceive decorations and illuminations during the festive season.


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