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The Three Kings' procession in Granada.

The Three Kings' procession, El Pais

In Spain, Three Kings' Day, also known as Día de Reyes Magos, is celebrated on January 6th and is considered one of the most significant holidays. It's a day when children receive gifts from the Three Kings: Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar.

The festivities begin on the evening of January 5th with traditional parades called Cabalgata de Reyes. During the parade, the Wise Men are ceremoniously welcomed by crowds lining the streets. Magnificent floats representing the Three Kings move through cities, and parade participants distribute sweets to the gathered crowds along the route. The atmosphere is filled with joy and anticipation, especially for the youngest ones.

During the Cabalgata de Reyes parade in Spain, in addition to the representation of the Three Kings, participants wear colorful costumes, and the entire atmosphere is filled with music, dance, and singing. People come in crowds to witness the spectacle, greeting the Wise Men parading through the streets with excitement. In some cities, these parades are so impressive that they attract not only local residents but also tourists from around the world.

The final preparations for the parade in Granadą are nearing completion, but all eyes are turned to the sky. Meteorological forecasts predict rain on Friday afternoon, with the possibility of storms. Rain is much needed in the region; however, it seems to arrive at the least opportune moment, threatening the plans for the celebration.

In light of the weather forecasts, the Plenary Hall of the City Hall has been prepared in case of heavy rainfall that could disrupt the normal course of the carnival parade.

The City Hall has confirmed the possibility of holding the ceremony in the city hall building at Plaza Carmen from 17:30 to 21:00. However, it was added that "of course, we hope that the Royal procession and Their Majesties from the East can march through the main streets of the city without any disruptions."

Route and Schedule of the Three Kings' Parade

The Three Kings' Parade in 2024 returns to the traditional route after changes were made due to the pandemic. The most symbolic streets of the city center will be traversed once again:

  • Calle Gran Capitán (17:30)

  • Calle San Juan de Dios

  • Glorieta del Triunfo

  • Gran Vía de Colón

  • Reyes Católicos

  • Acera del Darro

  • Paseo del Violón

  • Glorieta Rotary

  • Calle Profesor Tierno Galván

  • Camino de La Zubia

  • Plaza Fontiveros

  • Calle Andrés Segovia

  • Calle Poeta Manuel de Góngora

  • Acera del Darro, sentido inverso

  • Reyes Católicos, sentido inverso

  • Plaza del Carmen (20:30)

This year's carnival procession will feature 26 colorful floats accompanied by 800 individuals, including 200 volunteers. They will distribute a whopping 16,000 kilograms of candies, bringing the magic of this most enchanting night of the year to the homes of Granada's residents.

Upcoming innovations also include the use of electric cars in the procession and the adoption of batteries to power the lights and sounds on the floats, replacing traditional generators. This aims to reduce both atmospheric pollution and noise during the event.

Additionally, four neighborhoods – Albaicín, La Cruz, San Francisco Javier, and Cerrillo de Maracena – are gearing up to organize their own colorful parades. These aim to allow the youngest residents and those unable to travel to the city center to participate in the festive procession of Melchior, Gaspar, and Baltazar.

These initiatives facilitate the integration of local communities and the enjoyment of the magic of Three Kings' Day without the need to travel to the main parade in the city center. The actions taken by associations are focused on creating an atmosphere full of joy and community, enabling residents from different neighborhoods to partake in the magical day when the Three Kings share their presence and gifts. This unique event not only strengthens community bonds but also makes the celebration accessible to every corner of the city.

Three Kings' Day is also a time when local communities organize various cultural and religious events. Special services take place in churches, and people gather to pray together, honoring the birth of Jesus and the gift of the Three Kings. This holiday perfectly illustrates the richness of diverse aspects of Spanish culture and the strong community ties that are cultivated and celebrated during these special observances.

This celebration reflects the rich culture and traditions of Spain, combining both religious and social aspects. Three Kings' Day is a time of joy, community, and gratitude for the gifts that symbolize the Three Kings' offering to the Baby Jesus.


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